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Rob Tweed · May 22, 2017 1m read
WebSockets v REST?

Most frameworks support either REST or WebSockets, and don't make it easy to switch between the two, and/or support both styles of application at the same time.  WebSockets offer many advantages over REST, eg:

- most benchmarks show WebSocket messaging to be significantly faster than over HTTP

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   I want to online backup one Caché database by windows bat, I find some article from the online documentation about  terminal script and the ^DBACK tool and External Entry Points for ^DBACK,  so I can invoke the External Entry Points for ^DBACK from terminal  script like this:    send: Do BACKUP^DBACK<CR>

Is there other better way for backup database from bat/script?



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Vitaliy Serdtsev · May 20, 2017 10m read
Localization in Caché DBMS

This is a translation of the following article. Thanks @Evgeny Shvarov  for the help in translation.

Let's assume that you wrote a program that shows "Hello World!", for example:

  write "Hello, World!"

The program works and everyone is happy.

With time, however, your program becomes more complex, gets more features and you eventually need to show the same string in different languages. Moreover you don't know the number and names of these languages.

The spoiler below contains a description of how the task of multi-language localization is solved in Caché.

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Hi everyone,

This is:

Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 736U) Fri Sep 30 2016 12:25:56 EDT

The server is on RedHat Linux while the browser is running on Windows (Firefox).

I am helping a partner build a complex modern HTML5 web application that talks with Caché using REST calls. They have been using %CSP.REST very successfully. Security works great as well. 

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Robert Hanna · Apr 24, 2017
Connect PRTG to Cache

I am trying to set up a sensor in PRTG to connect to Cache, specifically the ens_util.log, so that I can have a live feed of my error count. I am having trouble getting the sensor to log in to Cache. Has anyone had any luck getting PRTG to connect on the database level? Thanks!

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Is there a way you can limit the amount of physical memory Cache uses?

During Cache backup it appears that all the available memory on the server is being used.

We are running Ensemble 2016.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 with 32GB of RAM.

The database we are backing up is about 300GB.



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Orion Correa · May 17, 2017
CSP highlighting in Atelier

I recently installed Eclipse and Atelier and was able to connect to my dev environment and source control. However, when I open a CSP file everything inside <script> tags shows up green as if it's a comment. 

I looked through all the preferences but wasn't able to fix this. Has anyone else run into this and/or know a solution?




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I am trying to support a use case where a test instance is created from a production backup.  At a high level, the process works by mounting all relevant file systems and then bringing the instance up. This works well as long as the file systems are mounted using same mount points as the source instance. However, I would like to support a case where file systems are mounted using different paths. 

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shobha rani · May 17, 2017
Soap Messaging

HI ,


Please let us know the solution to the below error which appeared during SOAP Wizard.

ERROR #5805: ID key not unique for extent '%Dictionary.ClassDefinition' : '^oddDEF("GuruBaseAllah.BLZServiceSOAP11porthttp")' exists. Id counter location = ''




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Hey guys,


I'm working with an EnsLib.XML.X12.Document object which consists of a parent object along with multiple children.

When using the following code, my sent object is losing all references to its children.  I've played with the deep parameter and nothing is working to automatically clone the objects children(group docs ref)along with itself.  (Even though the documentation states that it should..)

objectClone = object.%ConstructClone()

d ..sendRequestAsync("Destination",objectClone)

Any insight would be really helpful.


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I am wondering if there any mechanism available in the Healhtshare where send a request from the service to the operation without storing the Data on CACHE.DAT?

My company going to receive ADT's and CCDA's from an external source (Hospital), The incoming data will have two kinds of patients, our patients, and not our patients.  We do not want to keep the data on our servers of those patients that do not belongs to our company due to HIPPA complaint

Looking forward to hearing great ideas from this community.

Thank you


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