It's probably worth mentioning that this was always the limit. Prior to IRIS 2020.1 (from memory) any characters after the first 31 were just ignored, so in the above example the global would be truncated to ^Jobcosting.JobActivityGroupGrou. There is now a hard stop in the class compiler that prevents global names longer than the limit as there was the potential for truncated global names to clash.

One option is $select:

    set a=$select(a>b:1,1:0)

You could could also put the if..else on a single line:

    if (a<b) { set a=1 } else { set a=0 }

This would also achieve the same result, but is a bit more limited:

    set a=(a>b)

I've found that going to Help -> Toggle Developer Tools can be a useful way to identify connection issues with HTTPS. VSCode is built on Chromium, so you have access to the same debug console.

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