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Tracking vaccinations around the world with IRIS

The pandemic that struck the world in 2020 made everyone follow the news and the numbers that involve the COVID-19.

Why don’t you take that opportunity to create something simple and pleasant, to follow the number of vaccinations worldwide?

To face this challenge, I'm using the data provided by Our World in Data - Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems.

They have a dedicated repository on Github with the data of COVID-19, and I took the vaccination data to help me with my tracker.

If you didn't know the guys, check it out, it well worth your time. Github repository

The application iris-vaccine-tracker has three different pages.

  1. The main dashboard
  2. The data table with detailed information presented in the dashboard
  3. The heat map


The main dashboard provides a quick overview of the vaccination situation around the world.

The first widget offers the info about :

  • How many vaccines are being used to vaccinate the population
  • How many countries provide information about vaccination
  • Total of vaccinations applied so far.

The second widget gives us the timeline view of vaccination with the top 10 countries with the most significant vaccination numbers.

The third widget offers a bar chart with the top countries, showing the total vaccination so far.

And the final widget, we have the distribution of vaccines, which vaccines are being used, and their percent of usage.


The data table shows the detailed information that the main dashboard summarized.

Heat Map

The heat map is a different view using the info that we already used in the main dashboard and data table—but now using a detail provided by the Country persistent table. The amCharts library uses the ISO Code Alpha2, Country Name, and Value to create this awesome chart.


If you liked the app and think I deserve your vote, please vote for iris-vaccine-tracker!

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