· Jan 27, 2021

How to force service shutdown

When the started service component cannot be shut down correctly in the foreground, can you terminate the service by ending the task manager process? Will it affect the correct operation of the system

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Try use this command from console (Powershell, console Linux, etc..) for Intersytems Ensemble

ccontrol.exe force HEALTHSHARE

HEALTHSHARE is the name of your instance

This command should be executed in bin folder (ex. c:\Intersystems\Healthshare\bin)

For IRIS the command is

iris.exe forece IRISHealth

IRISHealth is the name of your instance, it is in the folder bin (ex. c:\Intersystems\IRISHealth\bin)

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Francisco Lopez

Hi Xing,

Do you want to terminate a process which is started by IRIS/Cache? If so, you can find out the PID from System Operation -> Process then terminated the process using either portal or Task Manager. It would depend on what the process is doing to say whether it would impact you system. The executable that Kurro mentioned would shut down the whole instance.

If you would like to force-shut-down a erroneous production component (like a business operation), we would probably want to see the error messages, and go from there.

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I'm not sure I understand your question, but I would strongly warn against using Task Manager to terminate Caché processes. This could cause all sorts of problems including hanging your instance. If you need to stop a process,  you should use methods within Caché. If that doesn't work because the process is stuck at the OS level, then the safest thing to do is restart the instance/server. Failing that, you should reach out to the WRC.

For stopping the instance, I would agree with Kurro that "force" can be used if a clean shutdown can't continue for whatever reason, though you probably want to understand why.