I am trying to support a use case where a test instance is created from a production backup.  At a high level, the process works by mounting all relevant file systems and then bringing the instance up. This works well as long as the file systems are mounted using same mount points as the source instance. However, I would like to support a case where file systems are mounted using different paths. 

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shobha rani · May 17, 2017
Soap Messaging

HI ,


Please let us know the solution to the below error which appeared during SOAP Wizard.

ERROR #5805: ID key not unique for extent '%Dictionary.ClassDefinition' : '^oddDEF("GuruBaseAllah.BLZServiceSOAP11porthttp")' exists. Id counter location = ''




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Hey guys,


I'm working with an EnsLib.XML.X12.Document object which consists of a parent object along with multiple children.

When using the following code, my sent object is losing all references to its children.  I've played with the deep parameter and nothing is working to automatically clone the objects children(group docs ref)along with itself.  (Even though the documentation states that it should..)

objectClone = object.%ConstructClone()

d ..sendRequestAsync("Destination",objectClone)

Any insight would be really helpful.


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I am wondering if there any mechanism available in the Healhtshare where send a request from the service to the operation without storing the Data on CACHE.DAT?

My company going to receive ADT's and CCDA's from an external source (Hospital), The incoming data will have two kinds of patients, our patients, and not our patients.  We do not want to keep the data on our servers of those patients that do not belongs to our company due to HIPPA complaint

Looking forward to hearing great ideas from this community.

Thank you


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About the Ontodia library

First of all, I think we should provide some background information about Ontodia and Caché DBMS. Let’s start with a less known product, Ontodia. Ontodia is the result of a joint project of the ISST lab of the ITMO University and VISmart, a software development company specializing in the semantic web domain. The Ontodia service was created as a web application for visualizing linked data and ontologies.

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Evgeny Shvarov · May 16, 2017
Developer Community Meetups

Hi, Community!

We are starting  InterSystems Developer Community meetups:  events to discuss InterSystems technology in person.

This would be 2-3 hours evening events to meet and discuss the best practices, new features, share experience regarding implementation of InterSystems technologies and products.

Besides free discussion and networking there would be 3-4 sessions delivered by InterSystems engineers. Local partners are very welcome to participate as speakers too!

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P Patz · May 12, 2017
Use a class property to pass a flag

Looking for a way in which I could possibly pass a flag through a property when performing an Insert statement, on a mapped class.

insert into my.class (serialNumber, modelNumber, myFlag) value ('testSerial', 'testModel', 0)
    myFlag is not stored in the DB.

The mapped class then calls a legacy routine (MAC) via CodeMode = 'objectgenerator', (Insert method within the 'objectgenerator')

Within the legacy routine, I am setting an index... but I don't always want to set it (multiple inserts, and I will only set the index on the LAST insert)

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Sean Connelly · May 15, 2017 2m read
Security Alerts

Wanna Cry

Most of you should be aware that the Wanna Cry virus is massively infecting un-patched windows machines all around the world. It's particularly affecting the NHS, one of my main clients. 

Wanna Cry is one of a line of Viruses that exploit SMBv1 over ports 135 and 445.

A kill switch has been enabled, but this won't protect machines sitting behind http proxies, and there are already reports of new versions without a kill switch.

All windows machines should be isolated and updated a.s.a.p. 

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Ponnumani Gurusamy · May 13, 2017
IKNOW concepts

Hi Team,

                 I am interesting to learn IKNOW concepts in Cache.Will need your guidance.

                 I. What is iKnow.

                 ii. Where we are using Iknow(Real time example)

                 iii. How to we work on iKnow(Did any tools Need?)

                iv. Please give notes and articals



Thanks ,

Ponnumani Gurusmay

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I was looking at the OrefToArray^%occRun in the %CSP.ErrorLog page in version 2016.  However, we're on version 2014, and that method does not seem to exist yet.  I would love a good way to swizzle out the info in the %request, %session, %response objects for the error log for my own error page, in version 2014.  I don't want to have to go through and get all the properties manually, but I will if I must.  Any other good way  already written?



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Hello All,

I have a question / issue regarding the calling list.FindOref(<object from indexOpen call>)
Here is a simple way to reproduce the issue: 
2 classes: Utility.contacttypes and Utility.person

Class Utility.contacttypes Extends %Persistent
Property description As %Library.String(TRUNCATE = 1);
/// Index for property description
Index descriptionIndex On description [ Unique ];


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I would like to know if there is any code to compare and update two directories/namespaces for class files.
If file is present in directory1 and not present in diectory2, it should import the classfile.
If file is not present in directory1 and it is present in directory2, the corresponding file should be deleted from  directory2.

Please suggest code for the task.

Arpitha R

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Something that shot up the popularity stakes last week was this article on a very interesting initiative: RealWorld:


I decided it would be a good idea to use this as a way of creating an exemplar implementation of a RESTful back-end using QEWD against their published API (https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld/tree/master/api)

The results are here:

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Hi Community,


I'm just editing a class in Atelier. I have added below code into the class.

Set tStream=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()

When I type tStream. , It's not automatically suggesting properties of that object instance in Atelier. If I click "Ctrl+Space", It says "No completions available". 

Is this functionality not available in Atelier yet Or Should I make some configuration changes in Atelier to make it available?

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