· Jan 22, 2021

Immediate ACK message going across as CA. How can I set it to AA

I have set my Business service Ack Mode as "immediate" but the receiver says that they are getting a CA code. Is there a way that I can set the ACK to go as AA?

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On your Business Service Settings tab under the 'Additional Settings' tab there is a an option "NACK Error Code" whose definition reads as:

Controls the error code in MSA:1 of the NACK message this service generates when there is an error processing the incoming message. The default 'ContentE' behavior is to return code 'E' for errors with the message content, and code 'R' for system errors encountered within Ensemble while attempting to process the message. This distinction is important because system errors are expected to be solved so that if the remote client tries again at a later time they may not occur, while message content & validation errors are expected to require correction at the source and not to be worth retrying in the same form. However some client systems may expect or require a different error behavior. Therefore 3 additional behaviors are offered. The 4 behaviors are as follows:

  • ContentE = Use MSA error code 'E' to report errors in message content and code 'R' to reject due to (retryable) system errors.
  • ContentR = Return 'R' for content errors, 'E' for system errors.
  • AllE = Return 'E' for all content and system errors.
  • AllR = Return 'R' for all content and system errors.

Earlier versions of Ensemble used the behavior 'ContentR' exclusively.

As the documentation points out earlier versions of HL7 supported AA and AE, later versions added supports for CA, CE and CR.

The other attribute is "Use ACK Commit codes" and the documentation reads:

If 'true' and the HL7 message VersionID is 2.3 or higher, use the 'enhanced-mode' ACK 'Commit' codes ('Cx') in MSA:1 ('AcknowledgmentCode'). (Otherwise use the legacy-mode 'Ax' codes.) 

So to get the AA, AE and AR codes you need to make sure that the "Use ACK Commit Codes" is unchecked (false) and then from the "NACK Error Code" select "ContentE"