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We starting the project using the dynamic duo RESTForms2/restforms-ui as a base. But when we decided to move to another visual stack, the link stayed, as a work reference, and in a hurry to finish and deliver we forgot to remove it. Fixing the link and committing the change yes Thanks again to help us catch those things

@jingqi LIu interesting application, congrats.

How do you manage the models to predict overbooking? I'm looking at the two repositories you mentioned in your post, but I didn't see where you do the "magic."

I'm wondering if you did use IntegratedML or something else.

@Eduard Lebedyuk  @Robert Cemper it's working now. Sorry about the problem that this error cause in your experience trying our app.

I'm developing a better error treatment, so situations like that don't will happen in the future


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