Jolyon Smith · Jan 27, 2021

Overriding Inherited Members in VSCode

Hi All,

I'm starting to use VSCode for most of my day to day stuff and there's something that has me stumped. Is there a way to override a method or property that's inherited from a superclass?

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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AFAIK the InterSystems ObjectScript extension for VS Code doesn't yet implement a convenient way of overriding an inherited method or property. I suggest you use VS Code's 'Report Issue' option from the Help menu to file a Feature Request on the extension. That dialog is a convenient way to route your request to the correct repo.

I love VSCode, but some handy features of IRIS Studio are indeed missing. I keep an instance of the latest InterSystems Studio in a VM to use when things which are missing, but after that I quickly switch back to VSCode and import the code. I really like the integration with Git & Docker.

@Marcel den Ouden please make sure the things you miss have already been reported. And if they haven't, open a new issue for them. One item per issue please, unless items are very closely related. "Maintain social distancing" wink

Thanks for that - glad I wasn't missing something obvious.