Hi, community!

Consider you need to exclude substring(s) from a string.

I did it with the following snippet:

/// excludes all the substrings from the string
ClassMethod ExcludeSubstring(substr,str as %String) As %String


 while ($L(str,substr)>1) {

 set str=$Piece(str,substr)_$Piece(str,substr,2,*)


 quit str


So, for example:

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I have posted to aid others in diagnosing problem with SSL/TLS connections to superserver port from .NET client executable.

The cache instance this appeared on is quite old - 2011 - so I do not know if Intersystems have added a better error message in a later version

The actual fault was due to the certificate in the %SuperServer SSL/TLS configuration having expired.

The unhelpful message that appeared in the .NET client included the following partial stack trace.


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I want to set the value in the second field of OBX-5, or OBX-5-2. My schema is not broken down to that granular level, so I can't just click OBX-5-2 to populate it. I tried a few variations without success.





Any ideas?

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For testing purposes, I would like to create an EnsLib.HL7.Message from either a %String or a file on disk and pass it into a function in a unit test (outside of an Ensemble context). EnsLib.HL7.Parser appears to do the necessary parsing, but it also sends the message via Ensemble service rather than returning it as a value. Is there a way to leverage the parsing outside of a Ensemble service? Alternatively, is there another way to create an EnsLib.HL7.Message?

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John Murray · Dec 15, 2016 1m read
Version history for the production class

Last week I was onsite with a new customer of ours, implementing Deltanji to give them control of their development and deployment cycle. One particularly satisfying part of the visit was seeing their pleasure at how their production class now records its changes over time, allowing them to quickly diff the versions and see what configuration items have been added or what settings altered. ​

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Those of you who keep an eye on developments in the mainstream of IT will be aware that a major upheaval has been occurring over the last 5 or so years, in which JavaScript has exploded in popularity and importance.  Largely as a result of its server-side incarnation - Node.js - it has broken free of just being the scripting language that you use in web browser, to becoming the world's most popular language and enterprise technology of choice.

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Dec 14, 2016
How do I free licenses?

I have a server with public web application with Unauthenticated access and there seems to  be a problem that CSP session ends, but associated license persists for some time (hours). If several users log in, we can hit license limit and all the other users get 503 Service unavailable error.

We are currently debugging it and moving to authenticated web applications,  but is there a way to free these licenses quickly?

Here's how it looks like in SMP:



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This announcement is to inform clients about changes in our 2016.2 and 2016.3 field test programs.  

The 2016.2 field test has been extended in order to address important syntax changes related to JSON. Simply stated, the JSON syntax introduced in 2016.1 had several inconsistencies that we did not want to perpetuate.   This is now addressed and the updated 2016.2 field test will be published today.  Concurrently, the syntax changes and guidance for developers will be posted on the Developer Community shortly. JSON is critically important to our Caché roadmap.

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Peter Steiwer · Dec 8, 2016
Caché vs Cache

I see that there is an "Insert Special Character" option from the text editor where "é" can be selected, but would it be possible to create a "Caché" button that inserts the word "Caché"? I can see cases where mixing these words can be confusing. An even more important reason would be searching. If the word "Cache" is used instead of "Caché" in many places, it may be difficult to find information about the "Cache".

If a "Caché" button existed, it may encourage the correct spelling to be used. I am not sure if this is a real problem, but I see the possibility of it happening.

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Fabio Goncalves · Dec 12, 2016 3m read
Generate and Validate Captcha Code

Suppose you have developed your own web app with InterSystems technologies stack and now want to perform a captcha validation on the client side in order to determine whether or not the user is human and make it safer. There are some modern frameworks to address the captcha issue, however most part of them needs internet access to generate codes and sometimes are complex to implement. Take this as basic example considering that image recognition has gotten too good. That's why you nowadays you tend to see more pattern recognition captchas than mere reading ones. (I.e.

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sansa stark · Dec 8, 2016
telnet issue

Hi all,

         While i connet telnet for particular user it call (%sys namepace  ^Test routine).

        In that rotine i switch namespace but the termial was closed(sessio disconnected).

       How i can acces the user namespace afer switching namespace ?





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When testing a new routing rule, one frequently encountered problem is that messages that seem like they should be getting routed to a target component are not getting routed.  This article aims to describe how to determine why the message didn't get routed.

1. Check the Event Log for the router to make sure there wasn't an error evaluating the rule or running any transformations referenced by the rule.  If there was, debug that error first.

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Hello All,


   we have recently upgraded our network humming along 10gb across the board and we're curious as to how or if it is ok to backup cache over smb or to another network drive of that sort. instead of writing directly to local disk. (vmware environment)

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How can I prevent large number truncation when using the DynamicObject and DynamicArray classes to create JSON in objectscript and then parsing the result in javascript. Are there any global settings that configure the output when using these classes?


I am looking at converting to the new DynamicObject and DynamicArray classes to build JSON. Our current (homegrown) JSON library forces string representation of numbers too long because of errors we were seeing with long numbers being truncated on the client, I am hoping to accomplish the same with the new classes.


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I am working with this Ensemble Business Operation, which extends the EnsLib.Rest.Operation.


I built the OpenWeatherMap Rest Operation described in the article above.

I would like to access the weather.id weather.main, and weather.description. However, these objects are in a JSON Array.

How do you access these three objects in Objectscript.

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Don Rozwick · Dec 8, 2016

I have a project to convert a JSON message with two patient identifiers into an HL7 ADT^A31.  Is there any documentation or training that you would think is appropriate?


Currently using Ensemble 2014.1.5 on AIX

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Is there any way that I can check the native type of an object script variable? (similar to the typeof check in javascript)


I see that the DynamicArray class uses the type of the variable for its output, I would like to do something similar when I receive a value as an argument to my method.

USER>s var1 = 123  //No quotes, number type
USER>s var2 = "123" //quotes, string type

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I've created a SOAP webservice in HealthShare following the documention.

When I get the wsdl definition and try to import it into a tool like 'SOAPUI' or a java framework like netbeans, I get errors.

The wsdl seems to be bad...


What I have to check?






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