· Jan 21, 2021

InterSystems AI+ML Summit 2021: Agenda

Hi Community,

As you may know, this year we're holding InterSystems AI+ML Summit 2021 virtually from January 25 to February 4. All sessions, both in German and English, will be free to attend.

Let's find out more about the exciting sessions that await us and book a virtual seat today!

Check the agenda below:

#Healthcare #CrossIndustry

MO, 25.01.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Current State of Affairs: A bird’s Eye View on AI & ML,

@Benjamin De Boe, InterSystems

MO, 01.02.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

When is Artificial Intelligence Trustworthy?

Prof. Roberto V. Zicari, Founder Frankfurt Big Data Lab – Goethe University Frankfurt

DI, 26.01.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

AI & ML in Healthcare: Introduction & Uses Cases

Dr. Yossi Cohen, NHS England und InterSystems

MO, 01.02.21, 11:30 Uhr: 


DI, 26.01.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

KI im Gesundheitswesen: Anwendungen in der Medizininformatik-Initiative

Dr. Danny Ammon, Universitätsklinikum Jena, mit Kollegen der März Internetwork Services AG und InterSystems

MO, 01.02.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

Wie KI & ML die industrielle Produktion revolutionieren

Daniel Carton, BotCraft GmbH

MI, 27.01.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

AI & ML in Healthcare: The AI/ML Journey – Technical Framework

@Thomas Nitzsche, InterSystems

DI, 02.02.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Einführung in die Welt von KI + ML

@Michael Braam, InterSystems

MI, 27.01.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

Making Machine Learning Actionable

@Alex MacLeod und Randy Palotta, InterSystems

DI, 02.02.21, 11:30 Uhr: 

KI + ML: Innovation mit InterSystems IRIS

@Stefan Wittmann, InterSystems

DO, 28.01.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Convergent Analytics 

@Sergey Lukyanchikov & @Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems

DI, 02.02.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

KI + ML Projekte in der Praxis: “Und schon läuft’s!”

Jochen Scharafin & @Michael Iserhardt, InterSystems

DO, 28.01.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

Preventing Readmissions in Hospitalizations with Machine Learning

@Amir Samary, InterSystems

DI, 02.02.21, 14:30 Uhr: 

Neue Lösungen für alte Kundenherausforderungen durch ML/AI

Ditmar Tybussek, POINT-ERP4 GmbH

DO, 28.01.21, 16:00 Uhr: 

Gesundheitsversorgung – KI und Ethik

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Michl, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

MI, 03.02.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Enriching Master Data Management product KanoMDM with AI/ML 

@Ludmila Valerko, KANOSOFTWARE

FR, 29.01.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Mitmach-Demo “IntegratedML Made easy”

@Stephan Mohr, InterSystems

MI, 03.02.21, 13:30 Uhr: 

Convergent Analytics

@Sergey Lukyanchikov & @Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems

FR, 29.01.21, 13:30 Uhr:

Executive Summary – Highlights der Woche

Jochen Scharafin & Ralf Geldhäuser, InterSystems

DO, 04.02.21, 11:00 Uhr: 

Mitmach-Demo “IntegratedML Made easy

@Stephan Mohr, InterSystems

A quick reminder:

⏱ Time: Jan 25 - Feb 04, 2021 

✅ Registration: SAVE THE DATE

Enjoy! And see you at InterSystems AI+ML Summit 2021!

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In which time zone are the times for the presentations? If I am in South Africa which is GMT+2 in GMT terms what are the times for these presentations?

Is the seminar being held in Germany in which case I can probably work it out via google but it's not clear other than the announcement says that the presentations will be available in English and German. Hence my assumption that its being held in Germany.



Hi Nigel,

Scheduled sessions are based on Central European Time (CET) time. If you click on the link of the session you are interested in, the time zone in which you are located will be automatically pulled up.

To find out in what language the session will be, just look at its description by clicking on the link. If the description is in English, then the speakers will present materials in English.