· Feb 1, 2021

VS Code's Server Source Control and Server Command Menu


When wanting to use VS-Code for server-side editing.. - In VS-code I can right click on a server item (eg a class) to see a set of menu options including 'Server Source Control... ' and 'Server Command Menu...' at the bottom.

I noticed that these options are somewhat connected to my server-side source control hooks class that inherits from %Studio.SourceControl.Base, however, I am seeing different behavior between my custom subclass of this, and, the provided %Atelier.SourceControl subclass.

How should the subclass of %Studio.SourceControl.Base be developed for these menus to be useable ? What is the difference between these two options 'Server Source Control... ' and 'Server Command Menu...' ?

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Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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 Very interesting question, could you please raise the issue in GitHub repository for the project.

We would need a bit more details about it, what you have in your SourceControl Class, and what do you expect.

But, be aware, that this feature was not completely implemented at the moment. It may not implement all the features available in Studio, due to some differences in architecture.