· Feb 1, 2021

InterSystems Open Exchange January 2021 Digest

Hi Community! Here is the monthly digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems Open Exchange in January 2021.
General stats:
400 published applications
734 downloads in January
879 developers joined

New applications (21)
HealthInfoQueryLayer by Botai Zhang
The application use generic interface to perform query on data schema and used globals as configuration. At run time, the program will implement the query referring to configurations. It's working as a prototype ObjectScript MyBatis Template.
RESTFileTransfer by Irene Mikhaylova
Example of how to transfer files using RESTful services
iris-multi-model-api-template by Evgeny Shvarov
a simple demo of InterSystems IRIS multi-model data management via REST API
This is an application to generate your online dynamic or offine static application documentation. You create XData to your classes with "text/html" or "text/markdown" mime type and the IRIS Publisher will collect all XData and create your documentation site using MkDocs.
iris-image-index-demo by José Roberto Pereira
A demo on how to build a custom SQL index for images data type.
iris-vaccine-tracker by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
Showing the COVID-19 vaccination track count around the world and the COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine development. Using as backend InterSystems IRIS in a multi-model schema.
qewd-jsdb-kit-iris by Rob Tweed
This kit allows you to find out about, explore and try out the unique QEWD-JSdb "persistent JavaScript Objects", made possible by IRIS Globals. For simplicity of use and speed and ease of installation, the kit is designed for use with the IRIS Community Edition Docker Container: you can be up and running in a matter of a few minutes. However, QEWD-JSdb and the Node.js-based QEWD framework can be easily installed on any IRIS (or Cache) system. Layered on top of QEWD-JSdb's persistent JavaScript objects are several examples of the multi-model capability it provides: Lists, key/object store and XML DOM. The latter is a great example of the persistent Objects concept: it includes XPath query capability, provided by the standard, unmodified Node.js XPath module. This module is designed to work with an in-memory XML DOM, and does not know or care that the DOM object provided by QEWD-JSdb is actually on-disk (in IRIS Globals)! The kit includes tutorials for QEWD-JSdb itself and the three layered database models. You can try out the tutorial examples interactively using the Node.js REPL. Also included are web-based "explorer" applications that allow you to watch the database models in action. Finally, using the QEWD Monitor application's graphical QEWD-JSdb Inspector option, you can explore the underlying hierarchical storage of the IRIS Globals created and maintained in the tutorials and explorer applications.
iris-dataset-titanic by Evgeny Shvarov
Titanic passengers dataset in InterSystems IRIS. Could be imported as ZPM too
GeoDatas by davi massaru teixeira muta
This project contains an example of how we get to manipulate geographic data on an IRIS Intersystem platform.
zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko
ZAPM is a shell - extends the ZPM shell and adds any other commands. Working in the terminal I got tired of going from my shell to the zpm shell and back. My shell was supplied with additional specific commands and I decided to merge the two shells. The ZAPM checks if the command entered is a ZPM command, then sends the execution to the ZPM shell. Then I wanted to improve the color commands and expand the functionality. And now ZAPM has survived to the first version and can add any command that I need and remember it so that I can re-execute it.
ha-iris-k8s by Anton Umnikov
Highly available IRIS deployment on Kubernetes without mirroring
iris-csv-anonymizer by Renan Lourenco
Tiny web application that allows you to anonymize CSV files. Based on InterSystems IRIS® Version: store/intersystems/iris-community:2020.
Trying Embedded Python by Robert Cemper
An early attempt to use embedded Python in IRIS 2020.3
IRISDocDBRESTAPIPostmanCollectionSample by Tani Frankel
A Postman Collection of REST API calls to demonstrate InterSystems IRIS DocDB basic calls
BeI-MultiModel by ivo Ver Eecke
This is a personal project, by Bert Sarens and myself, meant for the Intersystems Multi-model contest. The goal of this application was to build a product filter that was capable of filtering large amounts of products on a large amount of filters. This project uses objects, some sql access to these objects and plain global access to for the indexing. We've used a IRIS backend that is called via a REST-API from a react frontend application.
iris-multimodel-suite by Renato Banzai
An application using multimodel concepts with real world data featuring an interactive chart of Cryptocoins from the biggest Exchange. A graph chart of fish species from all the world where you can see the pictures of each one and a blog using globals example. All Integration to ingest data are from public APIs and a great video explaining the solution.
CacheColorTheme by Oleg Dmitrovich
different color themes for Caché Studio
iris-dataset-countries by Evgeny Shvarov
InterSystems IRIS image and ZPM module with dataset on countries and its population
iris-sftp-logs by Oliver Wilms
IRIS solution for managing SFTP log files
zapm-addcmd by Sergey Mikhailenko
An example of adding new commands to the zapm shell
Samples-MQTT-EKG-Devices by Zachary Krowiak
MQTT is one of the most common messaging protocols used in the IoT world. Its lightweight structure and topic-based architecture enable fast and efficient message transmission, even over very low bandwidth. In this exercise, you will use the interoperability tools built into InterSystems IRIS for Health™ to construct a basic user portal that monitors live EKG readings from a set of remote patients. See how you can use a minimal amount of code to quickly take real-time data coming from an MQTT broker, then save and display it on a dashboard.
New releases (16)
apptools-util by Sergey Mikhailenko

add zapp shell support


update release


update description

apptools-admin by Sergey Mikhailenko

add zapp shell support


update release

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Fix issue affecting use with Docker on Windows (#516)
  • Resolve problem debugging in a multi-root workspace using isfs (#387)
  • Allow 'View other' from custom Studio documents.
  • Fix issue that prevented saving of custom Studio documents.
  • Add code snippets for Request, Response and multi-superclass class definitions, Projection, XData, Try Catch, $$$ThrowOnError macro.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependency.

CubeEventMonitor by Samuel Duncan

moved utility methods to Utils class (including Setup); allow %Development resource to be used for cubes


enable installation with Docker and ZPM

BridgeWorks VDM by Tony Coffman

What's New?

  • Full Join has been added to the Linking Legend.

Bug Fixes

This list includes all bugs resolved in version through


  • Bug 270 - Insights/Scheduler - Period In Job Name
  • Bug 271 - Insights - Control Display After Adding New Pages
  • Bug 272 - Scheduler - Jobs that have Variable Filter
  • Bug 274 - Registration - Error Typo
  • Bug 275 - Query Builder - VoV with Dynamic Query Flipping Connection
  • Bug 276 - Scheduler - VoV Parameters Lost When Exporting FR Using Scheduler
  • Bug 277 - Scheduler - Parameter Values Lost
  • Bug 278 - Settings - Calendar Location Becomes Unmodifiable
  • Bug 279 - Settings - MDS No Connection Save

Web Reports

  • Bug 188 - Non-Dynamic Query Parameter Descriptions
  • Bug 196 - Multiple Page Parameters and Queuing
  • Bug 280 - Blank Charts on Queue Export
  • Bug 281 - Variable Filter Name
  • Bug 282 - Web Reports - Dynamic Content Load Failed

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • migrated to Angular 11
  • updated Highcharts version
  • fixed issue with values display button(series disappeared)
  • fixed issue with changing type of chart
  • added ability to remove widget from tile

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

Improvements and fixes to FileCopy


File copy fix

Kano MDM by Ludmyla Valerko

Made improvements and additions in Kano MDM modules: “Workflow” “Сonfigurations”, “Administration”, “Integration” and other modules.

From the new functionality, the following should be highlighted: 1. Module "Constructor" - added functionality that allows to filter and limit the selection list of available values. 2. Implemented the option to create a Request from the dictionary catalog. 3. "Data Quality" module - implemented the Python technology "Python Record Linkage Toolkit" library. 4. Extended Kano MDM Universal SOAP Web Service with a new type of request that allows external systems real-time check duplicates in Kano MDM.


Made improvements and additions in Kano MDM modules. "Request" module - implemented the calculated components. Added some improvements to the AD Authorization.

From the new functionality, the following should be highlighted: 1. Added parameter that enables to exclude records from the available in the Request. 2. Module “Constructor”: - Implemented the “fieldset” parameter that allows to group related elements in a form; - Implemented the functionality to configure different UI Forms for different user roles; - Implemented the new grid component with the options ”Create” and “Select”. 3. Module " Constructor" - implemented the “Copy” functionality for the Forms and Grids. 4. Module "Setting” - implemented new Component type “Calculate on request”. 5. Module “Administration” - added a new configuration parameter to specify a custom system name.


Made improvements and additions in Kano MDM modules. Migrated from the used Ext JS 6.2 library to the latest stable version

From the new functionality, the following should be highlighted: 1. Module "Administration" - added additional parameters for email-notification functionality. 2. Added approval stage deadline to email-notifications. 3. Added new approval stage type “Parallel (1 enough)”. 4. Added auto-reject functionality on the deadline of the Request approval stage. 5. Implemented the Calendar to set the days off to exclude them from the Request approval stage deadline.


Made improvements and additions in Kano MDM modules. “Requests" module - added a duplicate check to the action "Send". Improved email-notifications: - For Approval Type = Parallel (all) / Parallel (1 enough), if the request is rejected by one, all approvers get the email-notification; - Added the deadline of the Request in the digest email-notification.

From the new functionality, the following should be highlighted: 1. Implemented “Import from CSV” that allows to load data from a CSV file. 2. Extended the functionality of the "Integration" module: - Extended the universal REST API for data integration; - Implemented new Sub-module "SOAP/REST log" to enable to track the external system’s messages; - Possibility to use DTL (Data Transformation Language) via MDM UI.

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