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Something that isn't, I think, widely known/realised is that if you install a 64-bit version of Linux on a Raspberry Pi (eg Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit for ARM), and then, if you have an M1 Apple Mac, install Parallels on it and install a Ubuntu 20.04 VM, the two environments (Raspberry Pi and M1 Mac VM) are functionally identical.  Literally you can move the exact same code from the M1 Mac VM to the Raspberry Pi and it will work.  Make it all even simpler by then installing Docker on both the Raspberry Pi and the M1 Mac VM, and a container built on one will, again, work identically on the other.

The only difference, of course, is the massively faster speed of execution you'll get on the M1 Mac (and the huge difference in cost!).  

I've had a lot of fun with the various QEWD-related Docker containers I've created: there's something quite magical about watching a container built on the M1 Mac working, without any change, on a Raspberry Pi!  It's what, IMO, makes ARM-64 a very interesting platform for the future

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