Good Morning and thanks in advance for all replies. I have created a PowerShell script for backing up CACHE and all related files to be run on a nightly basis. My script works as long as the Unknownuser has %all access which is not acceptable in our production environment. I have tried every format I can thank of to get the script to use a specific id with no luck. How can I get this command to run under a specific id?

..\bin\cache -s. -U%SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalFreeze() <d:\backup\login.scr"

The file just has

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· Sep 15, 2016

Hi All,Cache is not starting ,I checked the cconsole log it is showing the below error.
The following parameters are missing from section [Journal]: '2,12' at line 143,but i checked in last cpf file,
In cpf file consist of that particular line

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to authenticate a user(Health Share clinician) from a Java Application.

I 'm already connected to Caché and able to run SQL commands.

My question is: How can I authenticate a user using only SQL? In fact, what I want is verify if the users exists in the base and if the given password is the same used in Health Share.

There is a column 'password' in Security.users table but I'm not able to see its content, even so, I don't know which hash function to use to compare with.

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We had a major problem recently where a participant was sending unexpected data. It was not enough to throw an error or warning in the actual trace, but when examining the message in the viewer it did show the following:

Build Map Status = 'ERROR <EnsEDI>ErrMapSegUnrecog: Unrecognized Segment 4:'CON' found after segment 3 (CON)'

How can I query for these or be notified of them? This caused major ramifications but we did not notice it. I have Managed Services investigating but I want to cover all my bases.

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Does the Caché installer do all of the necessary setup for using Atelier when upgrading a pre-Atelier instance?

I just upgraded an Ensemble 2016.1 instance to 2016.2 and the /api/atelier web application wasn't created automatically. Aside from creating this web application is there anything else that needs to be done to support Atelier?

** UPDATE **
See my comment below -- this was caused by a permissions problem during the upgrade. After fixing the permissions problem and upgrading again Atelier works.

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· Apr 28, 2016
Cache Installation Issue


Our Cache server(version 5.0.15) has recently crashed. We are in the process of recovery. We had replaced the server's hard disk and trying to install the cache(5.0.15) But getting the following error. Any body show some light on the issue.

CctrlInstallStartCP( CACHE ) failed! Return value: 1
CctrlGetLastError() returned:

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I just recently got a mail regarding the latest and greatest.

I find the mail impossible to read or make any sense of.

At the bottom it says to manage my subscription.

I clicked on the link and it took me to a page that says I am denied.

All the time I am still logged in.

Then, can you tell me how do I manage my subscriptions and stop those impossible emails?

I sure wish we were back to the Google Group, I understood that.

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The following situation always catches out new Ensemble users, and is likely to continue doing this until it is addressed..

A business operation, service or other host that is configured with a dedicated # of actors, (ie, not using the actor pool) runs with the version of compiled code that existed when the host was started. This code is loaded in memory.

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· Mar 29, 2016
I/O Logged messages question

Hi -

I was looking at the “Purge Data Management” page, and one of the “Record Types” is the “I/O Log” which sometimes doesn’t clear when you purge all of the message.

But I’m not sure what it’s actually reporting as “I/O Log” messages (and I can’t find anyplace to view what is being considered I/O Logged Messages - so I can understand what’s happening)

Can anyone shed some light on these messages?

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Can a Cache Mirror be used in the cloud ? (ie stand up a Primary and Backup member instances in a High Availability Cache Mirroring configuration)

I'm investigating the validity of this configuration, because I was of the understanding that this may not possible due to these cloud servers not (typically) having fixed ip addresses, which interferes with the Virtual IP settings for the mirror set.

Is this correct, and if there are workarounds (like Load Balancing ?) can I have details on how this should be configured ?

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I'm working on a proposal for a deployment tool development project and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with such a thing.

We use Healthshare and implementations for new clients are tedius and lengthy. Lots of ensemble service, registry value, lookup tables, namespaces and other things have to be created and configured.

I would like to create a Zen or CSP page based deployment tool that can do all this with a few parameters and some custom code.

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