· Dec 14, 2016

Intergity test for cbk files

Hi, Community!

We have our internal backup system which produces *.cbk files for Full, Incremental and Cumulative backup modes.

Does anyone have an automation procedure to restore this files on some target testing system, check the integrity and mark the files as "restorable"?

Please, share?

Thank you in advance!

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I know this is not the ready-to-use procedure that you were looking for, but as a starting point for anyone landing here looking for ideas, some starting modules that you can use would be:

- automated restore of a BCK backup file can be accomplished with the EXTALL^DBREST or EXTSELCT^DBREST entry points.

- integrity check of one or multiple databases are available through the SYS.Database class, with the methods IntegrityCheck() or SilentIntegrityCheck()