· Dec 5, 2016

Problem in Telnet

Hello folks,

      We have recently upgraded the cache (5.x) to cache 2016. All are working perfectly. But i am struggling in Telnet.

Working Good,

      when i connect to telnet it automatically gets the username(for example when we give the system ip addr(, the ip address is taken as username) and directly goto the Password field in Telnet on old cache (5.x).

Now my problem is,

      I can't get the same from my new upgrade instance 2016. When i connect to telnet  it directly goes to username field but not to password field.

What is the problem ?

Anyone knows please suggest your answers . It would be helpful for us.



Manoj J

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There's no built-in functionality to use the IP address as the username in Caché 2016.1 or 2016.2.  (I don't remember there being any way to do this in Caché 5.0 either, but maybe I just never looked.)

You might be able to implement something similar using delegated authentication, but I don't think it's a good idea.  Why do you want IP-based usernames?  It seems like this would be fragile and could break if there are network reconfigurations.

I'll echo Katherine and say I don't think 5.0 provided that capability directly. Perhaps your 5.0 instance tied telnet logins to your own app-level authentication routine. In that case, you could be doing this kind of thing . For example, using $ZIO to discover the telnet client's address or hostname.

Please also note that there's no Cache version 2016. Rather, there are 2016.1 and 2016.2. Some things available in 2016.2 won't be available to you if you're using 2016.1 (though nothing likely to be relevant to this specific question). I recommend you (and anyone posting on this forum) specify at least the second piece of the version identifier. Even better, give us your complete $ZVERSION string.

Hello Manoj,

I think I can at least explain how you were able to implement the no-username-required login under the old Cache 5.0.x environment:
back in those days there was the option to create a special user account, named "Telnet", that would act as a telnet-logins-catch-all, removing the need of entering a username, and only requiring a password, password that would have been common among all Telnet users..

Starting with the Caché 5.1 release, that special "Telnet" user account did not exist anymore, with every single Telnet user requiring its own separate account, and the complete username and password login prompts.

As Katherine and John have indicated, you will need to be somehow creative and come up with your own login logic if you want to duplicate the old 5.0.x Telnet login experience.