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Hello Chao,

This was a very interesting article.  I wanted to know if you had any more examples or pointers in respects to using the following commands, ‘Test’, ‘If empty’, ‘On error’, ‘Goto’, ‘Subroutine’.  Every time I try to use the ‘Test’ and ‘If empty’ and the ‘On error’ and ‘Timer’ commands they never seem to work.  I have read the documentation provided by Intersys many times with no success.  Do you know if Intersys offers any courses or tutorials in creating terminal commands and scripts?  If anything a few more examples could do the trick.  Do you know what is the root language from which the cterm/IRISterm terminal is originally derived from?  I have been using terminal scripts for the Centricity Business IDX product

Thanks for your help,

Raul Munoz

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