Jules Monoury · Jan 27, 2017

Issue with perl and caché

Hello community,

I'm triing to use perl with Caché on CentOS 7.

  • Caché is installed and working
  • Reading doc for perl module
  • Adding path of Caché/bin in PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH as suggested in doc
  • Creating mMakefile (perl Makefile.PL)
  • Success at compilation (make)
  • Fail at test (make test). And return the following message:

Can't load 'blib/arch/auto/Intersys/PERLBIND/' for module Intersys::PERLBIND: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 190.
 at line 10.

The test are a simple file that try to load the module in perl and connect to Caché.

But it doesn't pass the module importation.

After digging a little, when loading the module compiled ( crash. Perl return that after the return of the library. No because he can't get it.

The used version is cache-2016.2.1.803.0-lnxrhx64.tar.gz.

Any information or track about that are welcome.


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Hi Jules,

which Perl distribution are you using? We do support the ActiveState Perl distribution. Also, ensure that you are using a bitness version that matches the bitness of your Caché instance (64-bit in your case).



Hello Stefan,


There is only perl distribution for Windows system.

On Linux, the package is provided directly.


I can, but not yet tested install all modules provided by ActiveState distribution.

Thanks for the answer, i'll check all of this and come back.