Natasa Klenovsek Arh · Jan 18, 2017

Migrate Mysql to Cache



Is there a way to migrate MySql db to Cache (like export from MySql and import to Cache - not just the data, but the properties of the table too)?


Thank you.

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You can try to export all from MySQL, and import to Caché, with command

Do $SYSTEM.SQL.DDLImport("MySQL","_SYSTEM","C:\export.sql")

You can also do import in the System Management Portal. Or migrate data from ODBC source.

Just been in same situation yesterday and the migrate from ODBC worked for us. We needed the data in Cache for Reports, Dashboards, etc.

The new challenge is: the application that uses MySQL is not yet re-coded to use Cache, so the data is still written in MySQL. Using ODBC to do what we want was giving all sorts of errors... (due to restrictions and limitations for external sources as mentioned in these docs.).  After migrating the data, no issues at all.

Is there a way OR does anyone know how to keep the migrated data always in Sync? If data is written in MySQL it's automatically synced into Cache (... well in Cache speak this will be shadow, mirror, etc). Or custom polling needs to be written?