Murali krishnan · Apr 26, 2017

Configuration management in Intersystems

Please let me know the Configuration management tools that can be integrated with InterSystems....

How to integrate the Config management tool with InterSystems.. Please let know the steps

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What Cache version are you running?

Are you editing code with Studio, Atelier, Serenji or some other tool?

Do you have any specific configuration management tools in mind? If not, have you looked at Deltanji?

I am using cache version Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.1.2. Editing code with Cache Studio..

I am not aware of Configuration management tools

Unless you upgrade to 2016.2 or beyond you can't yet use Atelier as your code editor, so integration with file-based source code management (SCM) tools such as Git or Perforce isn't so straightforward. Deltanji works natively inside Caché 2008.1 and later and integrates easily with Studio (as well as with Atelier). The Solo edition is free.

Or maybe when you write "Configuration management tools" you aren't referring to SCM?

Hi, Murali!

What configuration do you want to manage?


Namespace mappings?

Memory/CSP settings?

Please find my answers in line

Scope : Movement of config and its dependencies across DEV , TEST and PROD Environments. This has to be automated with config setting details

What configuration do you want to manage? ----

Users/Roles/Resources? ---- yes

Namespace mappings? ---------yes

Memory/CSP settings? - Not required for now

Globals, Routines