There are few reasons superserver API is not publicly documented, one of them is to prevent an easy discoverability of outdated instances outside firewalls by hackers. You can use Atelier API with relatively recent Cache/IRIS, which answers on Web server port and has support for authentication and will return version of Cache/IRIS it's running on, for example:

You can also try to ask WRC privately if above option is not suitable for any reason.

SAM was built as a "gateway" to proper custom Prometheus/Grafana setup for cases when you only need to monitor IRIS. If you are building more complex solution, with non-InterSystems sources, I would recommend to set up Prometheus separately from SAM and just add SAM monitoring endpoints there.

Hi Michael,

You should have one top-level dispatch class which will dispatch individual API calls to separate endpoint classes.

<!-- teapots -->
<Map Prefix="/teapots" Forward="REST.Teapots"/>
<!-- kettles -->
<Map Prefix="/kettles" Forward="REST.Kettles"/>
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