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You can try using DBF utility from my old Cache-based framework:

It has ReadFile/ReadStream & WriteFile/WriteStream methods


set sc=##class(p6.Dbf).WriteFile(file,array)
sc - execution status %Status
file-file name
array - string containing a name of global with data,
for example: ^asd("asdf"),
this array has to provide the following structure
format $list($list(var1,length1,type1,dec1),...,$list(varN,lengthN,typeN,decN)); type is D for date N for number anything else for string
...,"row",<row number>)=<data>

data format $list(var1,...,varN)

Hi Evgeny, this is very much dependent on how you log in :)

If you are using "basic auth" method directly from browser (where it will prompt you for login/password once), you can change username by using "username@" in address bar, for example


Hope this helps!
=Sergei Shutov
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