I open a specific file into a studio by using this command : Cstudio.exe /Servername=HEALTHSHARE/Namespace=User /files=MyClass.CLS

I would like not open a new studio when i execute a second time the command with one other file.

I would like open the second file in the same studio that the first file (I have to keep 2 calls)

For exemple :

--> Studio is closed:

1 st call : Cstudio.exe /Servername=HEALTHSHARE/Namespace=User /files=MyClass.CLS

--> Studio open with my MyClass.CLS file

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Ok so I am way outside of my comfort zone, and had to build an application using CSP to give users the ability to access SQL configuration tables. These SQL Configuration tables will affect the data that is sent to the downstream system.

I saw in the examples where we were able to import GIF's/IMAGES into the CSP folders to use as a reference in our CSP pages. My question is how do you do that? If I try to import through studio, it tells me the file is invalid.

Just trying to make it a little more user friendly then blocks on a page.

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Carl Campbell · Nov 23, 2019
Clearing my cube of data

Hi I am experienced with Ensemble but working in my first DeepSee project, so forgive me if this seems elementary.

My question is, how do I clear the data out? Every time I build I am adding more and more data. But I would like to revert my cube to being 0 so I can reload it and start over? Set my row count back to 0?

I am unable to remove/purge through the management portal

-I've tried to kill my cube Do ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%KillCube("MyCube.Cube") and then Rebuild it.

Thanks In advance

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Every developer has made the mistake of accidentally leaving temporary debug code in place when they meant to remove it after debugging is complete. The great thing about writing in ObjectScript is that there is a way to make temporary code be truly temporary and automatically self-destruct! This can also be done in such a way that the code has no change of making it into your source control stream, which can be helpful as well.

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I was wondering whether anyone can help I would like to know what is the underlying method that is used for exporting lookup tables from within studio. I would like to do this programmatically. The export function provided with Ens.Util.LookupTable is not compatible with studio.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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Thembelani Mlalazi · Aug 15, 2019
List property

I have a list property that I query from the database to get the values contained in that list using $LISTFROMSTRING() when the list is returned the list values contain a rectangle like character similar to when you copy past something to the Terminal and it has a preceding space .The problem is I need to compare those values to other values and they do not match because of this value I have tried to use $EXTRACT(value,*W) and *P but this is not striping the preceding character how do I get rid of this character any ideas please.

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Hendri Schoeman · Jun 4, 2018
Cache Studio 2017.2

Hi all,

I hope this is the right forum to ask this type of question, but I'm running out of ideas.

For reasons beyond my control, we run a version of Intersystems Caché (2013.1) that is not supported by Atelier. As such, I use Caché Studio to do my development.
The issue I have is, I don't run Windows or MAC, but Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 in my case). I've successfully managed to get Studio working using Wine and pretty much everything is usable.

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I am fairly new to Cache and ObjectScript. I have a new task I have created with a corresponding method that I am trying to debug in Studio (2013).

My ClassMethod looks like this

ClassMethod DoMyWork(Output pWorkCount as %Integer,  pInput1 As %Integer = 30)


/* Does some work here and increments pWorkCount */


When I try to debug this using studio, I browse to my method but I am not certain what to put in here for the input parameter 'pWorkCount'.

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If you know the path of a file that exists in the instance's install directory, how can that file be opened and edited in Studio? This file is not saved under the visible directories in Studio ex csp or mgr. For example if you have no access to the server operating system command line, how would you be able to modify a file using Studio?

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hi, i am new to Studio and also new to objectscript, but i am not new to programming and

want to implement some synonymfunctions e.g. LOCATE should be used as InStr (.. like in much languages ;o)

more generally spoken, i want to implement a library for my string routines BUT of course i want an need autocomplete.

defining a macro $$$InStr does no autocomplete when i type $$$In<CTRL-SPACE>

example: my lib is called STRINGS and the functions are: InString, Split, ...

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Jimmy Christian · May 8, 2019
Cache Studio Error


I am facing an issue where i am not able to start the Healtshare environment.

It gives me error

cstart.exe error

Reason(1069) Service did not start due to logon failure

If someone knows how to resolve this will be appreciated.


Jimmy Christian.

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Last weekend we've updated our Caché version to

Versie:Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.1 (Build 312U)

I'm using Studio to develop. I've been using the built-in debugger and it has been working nicely. But now, since the upgrade, I'm getting this error when trying to debug any routine or class method:

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Rodrigo Souza · Mar 28, 2019
Problem starting production

Hope someone can help me, so i was developing a script and during the tests I was using the csession to execute a method. Also i thought i had to stop the instance i was using, so I used the ccontrol stop [instanceName] to stop the instance, but when i restarted the instance i got this error trying to start my production, I have an idea of what's the problem but i don't know how to fix it.

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