· Jun 21, 2021

Porting Server Side Source Control Menu items to VS Code: is it possible?


I've started active use ISC VS Code extensions about a half year ago, seem to be used to use, and started to enjoy them :)

The documentation promises the

    • integration with server-side source control etc

We were happy enough not to use, while used Studio Source Control menu to run some internal code checkup procedures. Is there any functional equivalent for this in VS Code: can I add custom menu items that should be backed with ObjectScript code to be started on server?

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Thank you all for the quick responses, but: from all the server-side source control functionality I used only the possibility to extent Studio's menu by adding items to the source control menu. E.g.

XData Menu
<Menu Name="%SourceMenu" Type="0">
<MenuItem Name="My item 1" Save="100"/>
<MenuItem Name="My item 2" Save="100"/>
<Menu Name="%SourceContext" Type="1">
<MenuItem Name="My item 1" Save="100"/>
<MenuItem Name="My item 2" Save="100"/>

Can I implement something similar with VS Code?

If you set up a server-side-editing workspace accessing a namespace for which your class is the source control class, you should see these buttons at the top of an open class or routine:

Also these entries on the document's context menu:

Each will open a quickpick top-centre of your window. The "Server Source Control..." one will show menuitems from the %SourceMenu and %SourceContext menus in your XData block. The "Server Command Menu..." will show menuitems from all other menus in that block.

I should be more specific in formulating the question.
So, attempt #2:

  • We used server-side source control in Studio just for having additional menu items, not for source control itself;
  • Now, after switching to VSCode, we started using "normal" client-side source control based on GitLab;
  • What I want is to revive those additional menu items I was able to add using Studio.

...And I don't see how to achieve it as the server-side source control menu is only active on "server-side" WorkSpaces, while client-side source control is not available there. 

I'm not sticking to this way of adding menu items to VSCode, it just seemed that it will be the easiest one.

Now I see that how wrong I was. Any idea of how to add menu items (with associated server commands) would be appreciated.