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· Feb 27, 2023

VS Code ObjectScript releases v2.6.0

I'm pleased to announce version 2.6.0 of the VS Code ObjectScript extension, containing a number of enhancements that make a developer's life easier. Some highlights are described below. As always, find the full list of modifications in the CHANGELOG, including many bug and vulnerability fixes.

Switch namespaces quickly

Thanks to @Olli Tanskanen at partner company JediSoft Oy for this enhancement! You can now switch namespaces from the Server Actions menu (when using client-side folders only).

Fast, asynchronous server-side search

This one requires InterSystems IRIS 2023.x and the proposed API enabled. When you have a server-side code workspace and use the Search pane (Ctrl+Shift+F or Cmd+Shift+F on macos), your search will be much faster, and run asynchronously.

Easier Debugging with "Open Error Location..."

If you get a compile time error in your ObjectScript code, it has been easy to jump right to the error by clicking the link (underlined text) in the output pane. However, there hasn't been a way to go directly to the error location if the error occurs at run time, or if you have compiled the code outside of VS Code.

We now have solved this with "Open Error Location..." available from the Command palette. When run, it prompts the user to enter an error location in the format label+offset^routine, then opens that location.

Step 1: Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P on macos) to open the command palette, then type error to locate the `ObjectScript: Open Error Location...` command.

Step 2: Paste in the label+offset^routine from your error message and press Enter.

ISFS folder creation

If you don't like editing configuration files by hand, you will appreciate that the user interface for creating ISFS folders is greatly improved in this version.

Studio keyboard shortcut equivalents

This is a documentation update, so it was live in advance of the extension update. Read about it here


If you already have the ObjectScript extensions – ObjectScript, Server Manager and Language Server – installed, go to your Extensions pane and make sure they are up to date. “InterSystems ObjectScript” should be at v2.6.0, “InterSystems Server Manager” should be at v3.2.2, and “InterSystems Language Server” should be v2.3.0.

If for some reason you have yet to try out these extensions, install VS Code here. Then install the "InterSystems ObjectScript Extension Pack" from the VS Code Marketplace by clicking the green "Install" button.

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Outline information is always available in the CHANGELOG, and instead of waiting for a post here I suggest you configure VS Code to check for extension updates without installing them automatically. That way you'll know when you update this extension, and it's easy to review the CHANGELOG in Extensions view afterwards.

I think there's also a Discord channel that notifies about releases.