· Oct 11, 2022 2m read

Accessing class documentation in Studio

As you have probably noticed, online product documentation has advanced tremendously in the last few years. Among numerous improvements under the hood, documentation has become easier to read and navigate. And we now have a powerful search engine that gets you to what you need more accurately than we could ever do with the old system of shipping documentation in the product. While most of you have probably had nothing but positive impacts on your workflows, it has come to my attention that some of you may be having a slight problem accessing custom class documentation.

There are actually four supported ways to access documentation for custom classes.

  1. From the View menu, select “Show Class Documentation”.
  2. In the code panel, right-click (or 2-finger tap on a trackpad) on the class name and select “Show Documentation for <class name>” as illustrated below.
  3. Also in the code panel, put the cursor anywhere in the classes name and press control-shift-F1
  4. In the Workspace panel, from either the Project or Namespace tab, right-click (or 2-finger tap) on the class name and choose “Show Class Documentation”.

In past versions of Studio, a simple F1 key press served to bring up custom class documentation. But when we began to focus on online documentation for the product so that we could enhance the user experience with documentation in ways that the local-install paradigm couldn’t support, that undocumented and unsupported option broke. If you had built up muscle memory around that option, I’m sorry that it fell victim to progress in other areas.

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