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Thanks for the reference, I actually forgot about some of the shortcuts. I guess all the downside of the Studio editor can be solved with VS, but for me is not an option.

Well, where I work we are all using Studio. I'll look into it tho. Do you know if it can be easily integrated with the menagement portal and if it lacks some important feature?

It can't be integrated with Management Portal (which is a webapp), but the Server Manager extension gives you ways to launch Management Portal from within VS Code, either as an embedded web page or in your usual browser.

@Nicola Sartore - what does your organization use for a source control strategy?  if you use server-side source control hooks and you are on at least Cache 2017.1 (or any version of IRIS) then you can mix and match Studio and VS Code as VSCode fully supports server side source control (as well as client side, but if you are a Studio shop then you don't have any client side source control in place)

That's actually helpful, but no shining eyes this time wink