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Andreas Dieckow · Jun 11, 2019

New IRIS Studio now available

The 2019.2 version of InterSystems IRIS Studio is now Generally Available!

InterSystems IRIS Studio 2019.2 is the first release of our cross-product Studio development tool.  It can connect to InterSystems IRIS servers and also to Caché/Ensemble servers, and behaves appropriately for each.  This helps developers that want to work across both sets of products as well as those that want do develop against containerized IRIS using Studio.

IRIS Studio is a separate download that runs on Microsoft Windows (Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows 10 for x86-64).  IRIS Studio is available from the WRC's download site and described by the IRIS Studio documentation.


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I think the link is not wrong, but stops at the directory above the components folder. Your link if our course on click faster ;)

If someone want to have this new studio on IRIS 2019.1.0 cube:

After install of 2019.2 studio :

1. backup your IRIS/bin folder.

2. Copy everything from "C:\Program Files (x86)\InterSystems\IRIS Studio" to "C:\InterSystems\IRIS\bin"

and you will have a direct access from the cube to the new studio.