· Jan 19, 2018

Gitlab hooks for Studio


I am in the process of trying to implement version control software with studio.  Has anyone got any recommendations (either Linux based/windows based) as a place to start I have installed Gitlab and I wanted to know whether anyone has come across any obstacles using this.

I was also wondering whether anyone has developed any hooks for Gitlab that works well with Studio as I would prefer if there was a more integrated solution with studio?  Any help with this would be great.

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See this thread which discusses several options for server-side Studio hooks for Git:

NOTE - in my use-case I was looking for server-side hooks in order to allow concurrent server-based development, and I discovered that Git is very poorly suited for that purpose.  I ended up abandoning Git and using Perforce instead for my demo (Perforce is very well suited for server-side hooks with concurrent server-based development).  If you are you already operating in a single-developer / single instance setup and if you can move to one of the very latest versions of the product (2017.2.0+ or 2017.1.2+) then you should take a look at Atelier with client-side source control hooks.

For a thorough review of the different development models (private instance vs shared instance) and the different source control hook approaches (client-side vs server-side), I highly recommend that you watch the following session from last year' Global Summit: