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Just an update I have tried the following however, the MSH segment seems to be getting overwritten, any ideas why?

s tMsg = ##class(EnsLib.HL7.Message).%New()
s tMsg.DocType ="2.3.1:DFT_P03"
s tSeg = ##class(EnsLib.HL7.Segment).%New()
set tSeg.DocType="2.3.1:PID"
s tsc = tMsg.SetValueAt("abc","MSH:9")
s tsc = tSeg.SetValueAt("PID","1")
s tsc = tSeg.SetValueAt("TEST","3.1")
set tsc=tMsg.SetSegmentAt(tSeg,2)
w tMsg.OutputToString()

I have also tried set tsc=  tMsg.AppendSegment(tSeg) which seems to be overwriting the MSH segment.

Any help would be great.

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