· Sep 20, 2022

How to clean compile imported cls files in Studio.

Hi Friends ,

Here I have imported object script cls classes form local file to studio , As a result new package created and all the cls files showing inside the package.

Now When I comple newly imported classes , it is thows compilation error because , each cls is already compiled in source system.

If i  removed  Storage Default tag from cls , then compile it , it is working fine by regenerating  Storage Default tag.

To remove this tag from multiple files is taking long time. I need to remove this  Storage Default tag from 500+ files.

Could you please suggest me the alternative like , clean compile option such kind.




Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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There is an easy way to do it on Notepad++

  • Open the file with the classes on Notepad++
  • Open the Find and Replace menu (with Ctrl+H or selecting it on the tools bar)
  • Type this on the Find text box: (?s)(?=<Storage)(.+?)(?=</Storage)
  • On the "Search mode" box, you will want to select "Regular expression"
  • Then you can click on Find Next to see if it's selecting everything you want, or, if you're confindent, go straight to the "Replace All" button!

PS.: you might have to use the replace tool to replace the </Storage> part that's left, but it's pretty much the same steps.

PPS.: yes you can leave the Replace text box empty!

Here's the explanation for the expression on a similar situation: