Marlin Mixon · Mar 10

Visual Studio Code Development

Please, I am having trouble connecting to one of several Health Share servers using ISC's Visual Studio Code add-on.


Installation seemed to go smoothly.  I have InterSystems's Studio and was able to automatically pull in my existing connections.  However when I try to make a connection it fails.  

Here is a configuration of one connection slightly edited for security:

        "xxxx-hsiecommon-base": {

            "description": "This has been created by the CCR system export.",

            "username": "therock",

            "webServer": {

                "host": "",

                "port": 57772,

                "scheme": "http"




Any ideas?  Appeciate!

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Are you connecting successfully to other servers and only having problems with this one?

In the Security section of InterSystems Portal on this server, does the profile of the 'therock' user show any login failure coinciding with your failed attempt to connect from VS Code?

Your reference to having pulled existing connections leads me to think you installed the InterSystems Server Manager extension. Are you able to expand the Namespaces subfolder of this server in the Server Manager tree?

Thanks John.  I don't think VSCode is reaching the server.  The connection is timing out: failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

For me to connect to these servers, I must use a VPN.  I verified that the VPN was on when I tried to connect.  I also verified that the IP address, was reachable.

I DID notice that the port number was not as expected.  It showed 57772 but we use 1972.  So I changed it to 1972.  I think I got further but the new error is: failed, reason: socket hang up

I did an experimental connect with that IP:port to see if I could discover anything:

$ telnet 1972
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I also doublechecked in Studio that the port number 1972 is correct for that server.  

Feels like I am very close.  Any other suggestions?

Studio connects to the superserver port (tcp 1972) using a proprietary protocol but the VS Code extension uses REST APIs over http(s), typically to the same web server as you use when accessing InterSystems Portal. So if your Portal URI contains :57772 then you should specify 57772 as the port in VS Code's connection spec.