· Feb 15, 2018
The Index on a String field

I noticed that the subscript of the index map is actually the collated field (%SQLUPPER).

Is String the only data type going through this transformation? Any other data type would also go through this transformation?


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· Feb 9, 2018
SQL prepare error

I'm trying to learn how To use SQL in CACHE, so I hope I don't bore you with "Dumb" questions....

I'm getting "ERROR #6022: Gateway failed" message following this line of code.

s sc=gc.Prepare(hstmt,pQuery) 

This line of code comes from an example I found in the documentation. pQuery is the "Select" statement setting up the variables and tables I'm trying to pull information from.

What does that error indicate?

Thank you.

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Last week, we announced the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, our new and comprehensive platform for all your data endeavours, whether transactional, analytics or both. We've included many of the features our customers know and loved from Caché and Ensemble, but in this article we'll shed a little more light on one of the new capabilities of the platform: SQL Sharding, a powerful new feature in our scalability story.

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My doubt is about the SQL Query in Caché:

I don't want to take all results from the table and orgainze them manually, for example: I have a table with 50 records, but I only want to select 10 records, being from tenth until the twentieth and this without knowing their IDs.

So, how can I do this, without losing performance, there is any way?

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· Jan 15, 2018
using sql link table wizard

I'm trying to create an sal connections from one cache system to another. I've created the connection part and I think that is working. When trying to link a table through the link table wizard, I'm getting an error "<MAXSTRING>zCreateOneLinkTable+52^%CSP.UI.SQL.LinkWizardResultPage1.

Is this due to my global block size in the new system not being large enough? It is currently set at 8192.

Thank you


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· Dec 13, 2017
SQL or Cache Function?

Hi -

I'm creating a custom report in Health Insight via SQL and one of the requirements says that I must include patients who are >= 13 years old (which is easy) but I also need to include patients who WILL be 13 years old as of December 31st of current year that the report is ran in.

I see that there is an Age column and an AgeInMonths column in HSAA.Patient. and of course a DOB column. I'm wondering if it is possible to do this purely using SQL (and SQL functions) or if I will have to incorporate a COS function to achieve this requirement.

Any suggestions?

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· Dec 10, 2017
Cache and Database

Hi, I'm a student, weak programming. I ask for your help, I write a program in C #, there are two tables, but I do not understand how to organize the connection between them many to many. Table in DataGridView1 from DataSet1 on Form1 key connection in DataGridView1 from DataSet1 to Form3

I do this on Form1

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· Dec 10, 2017


I'm trying to use the IN operator in SQL.

does not work, can anyone tell me why that could be?

for example:

SELECT * FROM TafnitCore_Logistics_TransferPackage_DB.PackageData WHERE ID IN ('1||1||9852553062' , '1||1||9852553061' ) ORDER BY Building

And I get the following error:

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· Nov 19, 2017
Force inner select to be executed

I have a query that I am attempting to run, but inner query is being rolled up into the overall query - per the optimizer (and jobexam observation). While I know that if the inner query runs first, I will eliminate a number of records (making the result set smaller, and return quicker).

Just an example of what I am attempting to do:

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· Nov 14, 2017
type data interval

Hi communauty

I've two columns in my table and the type must be interval of integer values for example : age must be interval between [2 and 6] years and wigth between [10 and 30 ] Kg , how can i define them when creating my table?


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Hello All,

what is the best method for search a portion of text in a non-indexed global?

I need to implement an autocomplete kind of search, in a global of >1M registers (text type, not $lb)

Maybe the best way would be use a SQL mapped class, with 'Bitmap' indexes?

Thanks in advance!

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· Nov 5, 2017
How to avoid dirty read

I get two methods below: I would run both methods concurrently.

However, the "testRead" would always read the uncommitted results from "testInsert".

Anyway to avoid that? Thanks.

ClassMethod testInsert()
  &sql(insert into Test.Table(AttrA,AttrB,AttrC,AttrD) values(1,2,3,4))
  hang 15

ClassMethod testRead()
  &sql(select count(*) into :ans from Test.Table)
  w !,ans
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Greetings to all!!! Suppose there is a table Mother (ID, Name) and Child (ID, Name, Mother), Mother in the table Childis a relationship. Let's say the task is to deduce the names of all the children whose their moms' names start with the letter 'A', I can do this in two ways in sql, and I can not understand the difference, the pros and cons that when to use:

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I have a class with around 400k lines and 60 columns. Class storage is Cache SQL storage (Mapped from a global).

I want to create multiple indices on certain fields.

I am familiar with two approaches:

1. Create a new map (Index type) on a pointer global.

2. Create a bitmap index

Which approach is more recommended to be used in the case I described? If there are any other approaches, I will be happy to hear.

Thanks :)

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