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Hello! I am Daniel Aguilar, currently working at Aquaservice in Valencia, Spain, as a Senior Developer.

It seems like my entire life has been destined to work with InterSystems technology.

Back in the distant year 1999, I started working as an IT technician at a company that I still hold dear to my heart, Soma Informática. We used to work with a program we called CCS (Centro de Cálculo Sabadell). I didn't know it back then, but it was my first contact with InterSystems.

During that time, my interaction with InterSystems involved clicking through the installer, hitting "Next," ensuring that after installation, the cube changed from gray to blue. Then, I would copy the connection file to client computers; it was called Reflection.

Occasionally, a client would call because they couldn't access it, and I remember simply memorizing some commands like Do ^XXX... that I executed in a terminal and miraculously everything would start working!

Looking back, I realize that was my first encounter with a routine. I didn't know what it did; it was just a strange command preceded by the symbol ^ (which we called "sombrerito").

Years later, around 2016, I began my journey at my current home, Aquaservice.

I was unaware of the technology they used there; I thought it might be something like SQL Server. However, to my surprise, when they handed me my development workstation, I saw that cube—the same cube I had installed so many times on various computers. I started discovering the magic of Globals, Cache Object Script and routines. I began to enjoy designing how I wanted to store information, indexing... I learned to optimize data access in ways I never imagined could exist.

It was truly love at first sight, and to this day, I continue to learn and discover things about this wonderful system that InterSystems created so many years ago and that has evolved so fantastically.

Today, in addition to being a fanatic of InterSystems, I am a proud father of two wonderful children: Jaume and Aitana. I love going for walks with them, along with my wife Belén and my faithful friend Pedro (my dog).

I enjoy almost all types of music, but my favorite is rock, and I'm trying to learn to play the piano.

This is all for now, but it will continue...  ;-)

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