· Sep 29, 2020

New Video: InterSystems IRIS - Kafka, Schema Normalization and Service Enablement

Hey Developers,

New demo show by InterSystems Manager @Amir Samary is already on InterSystems Developers YouTube

⏯ InterSystems IRIS: Kafka, Schema Normalization and Service Enablement
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Demo of InterSystems IRIS with Kafka, Schema Registry, AVRO and Schema Migration. 

This demo allows you to show:

  • A Bank Simulator generating AVRO messages and sending them over Kafka to InterSystems IRIS
  • InterSystems IRIS Multi-model capabilities (AVRO, JSON, Objects, SQL and MDX)
  • How InterSystems IRIS can transform the AVRO object into a canonical structure using transformations and lookups
  • How InterSystems IRIS can orchestrate this work and start a human workflow in case of a problem during the transformations
  • How InterSystems IRIS can provide bidirectional data lineage (from source to canonical and vice-versa)
  • How InterSystems IRIS pull new schemas from a Kafka Schema Registry and generate the data structures automatically to support schema evolution

This demo uses Confluent's Kafka and their docker-compose sample

⬇️ Kafka Demo with InterSystems IRIS on Open Exchange

This demo can be also found at 

Enjoy watching the video! 👍🏼

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