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This works fine as long as the everything is in the same repo, but ideally you would want to have a separate repo for the documentation. There will be other documentation besides the class files and we want to keep them on a distinct cadence from code updates. 

When I try to use the INPUT reference to another repo, it fails with source is not a readable file or directory... skipping. I've read through the documentation and I can't find anything related to referencing a remote repo.

I'll post to their listserv and see if this is possible.

This looked interesting so I tried it on one of my repo's and it seems to create the documentation,  but when I open the index.html page I don't see the navigation display for the classes; it just displays the header page. I did notice at the end the following:

Running plantuml with JAVA...
type lookup cache used 0/65536 hits=0 misses=0
symbol lookup cache used 0/65536 hits=0 misses=0

Perhaps this is an issue?

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