YURI MARX GOMES · Dec 8, 2020

SQL Query execution plan

Is it possible see the execution plan of a SQL sentence in IRIS?

Like this:

explain plan for
select  e.ename,r.rname
from    employees  e
join    roles       r on ( = e.role_id)
join    departments d on ( = e.dept_id)
where   e.staffno <= 10
and     d.dname in ('Department Name 1','Department Name 2');

That returns this:

Product version: IRIS 2020.4
2 1 3 122
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Yes, from system management portal System Explorer >> SQL you can enter a query and instead of executing it click "Show Plan".

Is it possible call from the sql command, or is accessible only from management portal? 

EXPLAIN SQL command is supported in InterSystems IRIS.