Florian Hansmann · Dec 4, 2020

SQL Query returns x00

Hey Intersystems Community-Member,

Following Issue: When I update a SQL table like (update OnlineV3Admin.ParameterApp set popuptext = '' where ID = '1') and then read it for my Json WebService there is a /"x00" in my Json.

What is the best option to disable that? I need here  a empty String and not /x00.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


Florian Hansmann

Product version: Caché 2014.1
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Whan, you work through SQL empty string as $Char(0) in storage, while NULL as an empty string.

So, I would suggest you update it will NULL value. 

What about your JSON, I'm not sure how you get it. If you using %JSON.Adaptor, you can set parameter %JSONNULL  to 1 for class, or for a particular property, so, it will not exclude it from export.