Robert Cemper · Apr 9, 2021
Moving IRIS db in runtime


I'm almost running out of disk space so I want to move 1 DB to a different hard drive.  
It's a rather simple but lengthy action during a shutdown of IRIS.  
But is this somehow possible under runtime in a stand-alone installation?  
I'm looking for kind of a "local drive failover"  

note: Mirror or Shadow is not an option.  

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Does anyone know how to disable the auto-refresh in Healthshare, especially for Message viewer , Business process designer, DTL editor pages?  

These pages in management portal refresh every 15min( i.e. as per the session time out setting) . I tried to  set the following two configs to disable the auto refresh but both had no impact. 

set ^EnsPortal("DisableInactivityTimeout","Portal") = 1
set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh") = 1


Thank you for your help. 


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When I create a TASK on the Primary mirror member and Try to create the same TASK in the backup mirror member,  It Gives me CSP Application error.

The TASK gets created in the Primary node without any errors and When creating in the Backup node it prompts the error.

It happens is IRIS and I didn't face this in CACHE.

Finally what I did is export the TASK in Primary and Imported in Backup.

Is this a feature of IRIS?

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When I start a fresh installed IRIS or a Container I always find Interoperabiliy (aka. Ensemble) mapped to namespace USER.

Is there any utility to remove this mapping by a click ?
unmapping it global by global, routine by routine,  Package by Package is just a boring exercise.

To be clear: I look for a utility inside IRIS.

The external utility is obvious: Notepad (or any other text editor) 
- clean iris,cpf,
- restart IRIS
It's fast, it's efficient, but it's really hardcore.

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Hi Folks,

I would like to visulaize the tables and data on Power BI, so I try to connect the romote server to Power BI to access the tables and data of remote server. I can able to connect that remote server to our Studio also able to view class files. 
But I couldn't able to connect the remote server to power BI. I'm getting the below error while click on the tables 

"Expression.Error: This native database query isn't currently supported" 

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When i click on the menu to  run the  Data import wizard  from MP, i receive following CSP error

<UNDEFINED>zOnPageHEAD+229^%cspapp.exp.utilsqleximwizardcontent.1 *schemaname : CSP Error


It is happening for all the namespaces. Looks like some permission issue.  Same issue with Data Export wizard. Help to resolve this will be appreciated.

I am using

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 865_0_18763U)


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Hi all, 

I am trying to create multiple tasks all in a single task. 


For instance MyApp has three tasks.

One to send a email if a limit is exceeded = MyApp-check-credits

One to purge files = MyApp-purge

One to auto delete files = MyApp-Del 


I would love to get all tasks MyApp-check-credits, MyApp-purge, MyApp-Del into a single parent task called MyApp-AllTasks.


Is there anyone that could give me guidance of how to complete this it would be much appreciated. 

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On one of our servers, when I am in Mgmt Portal and click the link for Configure / CSP Gateway Management, I get this url:


but the page displays a 0, and nothing else. Literally, just a 0.  This link works on our other servers, with the same URL.  Any idea why? 




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Rodrigo Souza · Mar 28, 2019
Problem starting production

Hope someone can help me,  so i was developing a script and during the tests I was using the csession to execute a method. Also i thought i had to stop the instance i was using, so I used the ccontrol stop [instanceName] to stop the instance, but when i restarted the instance i got this error trying to start my production, I have an idea of what's the problem but i don't know how to fix it.

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I have a custom classes that that I use with EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter to convert HL7v2 messages to SQL INSERT statements to write results to an SQL database.

Weirdly the management portal is not drawing the the lines between my process and operation when viewing my production on the ' Ensemble > Production Configuration' screen.  Clicking the green dot flashes the 'computing connections' message, and highlights my operation, but no lines get rendered: 

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Hello Community,

I recently encountered a issue with Caché and I can't figure out where the problem is coming from.

I noticed that the license limit (200)  was reached whenever I was opening my Studio (so it seems). When this occurs, I restart Caché (with the Cube in the Taskbar), and the number of license used is back to 1%, but grows back after.  The time taken before the number of license  grows back again looks pretty random.

Here is a couple of screenshots :

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Hi all, This is a bit embarrassing, and not that critical.  I have a local instance of Caché 2016 on my computer, for playing around with.  I was attempting to set up two-factor authentication on this instance, and I thought I simply disabled all users except for my own user and enabled two-factor for this user.  The next time I tried to login to the Management portal, I received a Server Availability Error:


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Recently, we scheduled two tasks (1008 and 1009) within Task Manager. Task ID 1008 is set to run after Purge Tasks (%SYS-ID:3), and Task 1009 is set to run at 7:00:00 each day.

In attempt to provide as much detail as possible, each of the tasks are as follows:

  • Task 1008

    WHILE (($p($h,",",2) < $ZTH("10:00 PM")) && ($P($g(^Task.1008(+$h,$j)),"^",1) = +$h)) { J ^ROUTINE, ^ROUTINE2 D SUB^ROUTINE3 H 5 }

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Hi there.

I was wondering if there was a supported way of editing the Title bar of the management portal so that at a glance it is clear as to what environment is being worked on. This would be in addition to the namespace and server name being displayed.

Ideally I would like to make it clear at a glance that a user is working within the Dev or Live environment.

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