Connecting Remote server(Cache) to Power BI

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Hi Folks,

I would like to visulaize the tables and data on Power BI, so I try to connect the romote server to Power BI to access the tables and data of remote server. I can able to connect that remote server to our Studio also able to view class files. 
But I couldn't able to connect the remote server to power BI. I'm getting the below error while click on the tables 

"Expression.Error: This native database query isn't currently supported" 

 So now I'm in need of help





Hi Vikram.

Looks like you trying to use InterSystems IRIS Power BI Adaptor to connect to Caché. This adaptor does not support Caché.

Use ODBC connection to connect to Caché from Power BI.

Hope this helps,


I connected the Cache from Power BI using ODBC connection. And I can able to view the tables but I could't able to view the data records. getting some error when I shoot on the table name. I could't trace what I'm missing. Please help me

Error Message: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: exceptionType"




I also see this error for some tables. I don't know what's causing this.

I've googled it and looks like some error with ODBC Connections from Power BI.

Okay, Thanks Alex.

If any other possible to view that table records , please let me know.