Ewan Whyte · Feb 21, 2018
HL7 segment query using SQL

I'm trying to get a count of specific message type with a specific entry and thought I could build the query in Message Viewer but  this does not provide counts (as far as I am aware). So when I take the SQL from 'Show Query' it omits the segment criteria as the code shows below. 

 I have attached the criteria that has been excluded. Is this possible?

Thank you

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If you work with interoperability productions of InterSystems IRIS or Ensemble, no doubt you are familiar with the Message Viewer page. The page supports filtering messages according to filter criteria you enter in the Basic and/or Extended Criteria sections. Extended Criteria conditions are specified as property-operator-value triples. Once you click Search button, such triples become WHERE clause conditions of a generated SQL query executed against message header/body tables.

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marco calderon · Jun 18, 2018
MessageBank Helper Class


I was wondering if some one have an example code of the MessageBank Helper Class? , im currently using the MessageBank ok to store all message/events, but i need to be able to search for messages using the bodyclass properties. 

I've read that using MessageBank Helper Class you can do that, but i just cant find anything , documentation only says use the OnBankMSG() method and thats it.

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Hello all,

I am new to Ensemble and Caché and was wondering if anyone can help provide example code of implementing the OnBankMSG() in the helper class? I need all Hl7 messages to be stored in the message bank viewer but cannot figure out how to do this in the OnBankMSG(). Also, my message bank and services are working just fine because I am receiving all event logs for the monitored productions. 

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I have made a complete copy of our test namespace into a secondary test namespace.  Thereby we can test with our current EHR version and our soon to be deployed EHR version simultaneously.    However, we have a number of saved searches within the Message Viewer that we would like to have available within our secondary namespace.  Is it possible to export the saved searches within the message viewer?


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suggestions to try to make the searching of the community better, more relevent

I've been searching within the community for an article about troubleshoting SQL's working out how efficient they are, and how to look inside the system for other SLQ's that we used but may be inefficient,  (still haven't found it, and getting frustrated)

In this instance, after many guesses, I tried

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I've built a custom HL7 searchtable, but wish to remove some of the items.

I've removed the items I no longer wish to index recompiled the custom searchtable, however the previous searchtable values are available when searching messages in the namespace.

Do I need to rebuild the index for this searchtable to purge searching the old values?

I have stop and started the production.




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Hey all! I'd like to collect some feedback regarding searching for messages using the Message Viewer. I'd like to find out what things regarding the Message Viewer you all in the community have found difficult/confusing/poorly documented. This can of course include things that you don’t know how to do yet, but would like to learn about.

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Hello guys,

One thing keeps annoying me and I'm pretty sure it does many other people (my workmates as well, lol): every time I access the 'Message Viewer' screen, the 'Time Format' come with 'Time only' as a default. Can I make 'Complete' as the default value for it?


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