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Hi Kurro,
if the production stores data that needs to be maintained in the DB, you need to do something more complex (like mapping the data globals in the new NS to the old DB.

If not the safest way to test and also migrate everything is what you are proposing:

  • make a backup of the original DB (freeze/thaw or the iris utility from management portal, restore to different location and keep an eye on NOT SETTING SWITCH 10 during restore online backup)
  • create a new NS copying from the old one
  • do the mapping accordingly
  • import the upgraded code in the new NS
  • disable all the producion pieces (BO / BP / BS) on the new production
  • disable the production part (brands) that needs to be migrated on the old version
  • enable them on the new version

If something on the new production goes bad, you can easily enable the disabled pieces on the old version, and disable them on the new one.


may be that you are connecting to the webserver port and not the superserver one?

Can you post an "iris list"?

You can also include the connection in a try/catch and check on iris in application error logs and audit database (the audit db probably is the one that you need to check first).

you can have a look at a script that i've made that basically implements a remote cli to iris

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