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could you please elaborate more on this?

Do you have webapp/webgw/apache configured correctly? Is the web application configured as a REST or as a csp application? is there anything in the apache log? and in the webgw log?

Hi Scott,
not an expert for zstop, but what you are looking for cannot be developed with the zstop.

With an "iris force", hardware failure (hard power off, server fault,... anything that is not a "polite" shutdown) or other similar condition where iris simply is killed, no zstop is executed. You can only be aware of an unclean shutdown at the iris restart, but that's too late for what you are looking to do.

What you can do is to have an agent that monitors the iris instance (qlist, process, messages.log) and execute action when certain conditions are met.

Moreover i haven't found anything on the "shutdown" cause, it's just a shutdown inside iris i think


unfortunately unless you got a very very high log set in the instance and a very long journal history you can't discover that.

If you got the info you can find in the journal the global change, get the process info and search the log for them. But usually is something that you can spot in the near time or something that happens on a regular basis, something spot is really difficult to find in that way.

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