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Attention, I am now advertising on my own behalf ;-)
You can do that very easily with Caché Monitor

Caché Monitor connect via TCP to Caché\IRIS (like the ODBC driver).


David thanks for detailed post! I've question about "When the Caché Spark connector is released, Spark-based applications will be able to make full use of Caché as an open analytics platform".

Did you have any details about plans from Intersystems to develop a "Caché Spark connector"? Links about that? Thanks!


I'll created a fork on github ( for Apache Zeppelin. My plan is to create a Caché Interpreter (first JDBC based) to learn and unterstand the architecture of Zeppelin.
After this it would be great to extend this Interpreter to allow to query the Caché Data via COS. For this I'll contact the "Caché Web Terminal" guys maybe they can help...
All are very welcome support this open source Interpreter. So feel free to jump in and support this project by coding, idea, testing ... or what ever ;-)

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