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Thanks, helpful to explore another potential option. If I'm reading correctly then we'd need to use the OnProductionStart method of the business process to run when the job is scheduled - and not sure that's obviously accessible in a BPL business process. There are otherwise no incoming messages to trigger action.

Can I clarify: "Run at a scheduled time" could mean either:

  1. Run during a designated period of time, thus making the service / business process available to be triggered at anytime during that period but not outside that period, or
  2. Run once at a specific time, and never otherwise be triggered.

We are interested in the second of these - we want a batch job to run at 0800, at 1300, and at 1600 each day. When it runs it will scoop all the current labs results out of the database table where they have been accumulating, and send them on to the downstream system.

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