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Easiest way to do that is to add a favorite:

set sc = ##class(%SYS.Portal.Users).%AddFavorite("Community","https://community.intersystems.com")

And your portal now looks like this:

Is the favorite visible to more than one user?

No, one user only.

You can iterate over users and add favorites for each.

@Eduard Lebedyuk - I just found this while looking to do the same thing. You say that adding a favorite is the easiest way - are there other approaches as well short of editing code you shouldn't edit?

No, the entire menu is hardcoded as is.

You can use DeepSee/BI User Portal (advantage: public items are available for everyone, disadvantage: requires navigation to a specific ns), but real SMP menu modification requires editing code you shouldn't edit.

Why not favorites? You can autopopulate it on ZSTART.