Customizing Management Portal Header

Good day,

Is there a way to change the theme in management portal? or at least the color of the header.

Issue is, some users have access to Development and Testing and Production environments. I would like a way to color-differentiate the environments to reduce the errors. 

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In the Management Portal go to:

 System > Configuration > Memory and Startup

Change the System Mode and it will put a custom banner in the header indicating Dev / Test / Live

Thank you a lot! This is a start.

This added a caption in the header, only on Live with a red color.

Can we have the whole banner colored?

Making further changes to the SMP banner isn't supported unfortunately.  

Should they have access?

The best solution here is restricting access.

InterSystems security model allows for a customizable access management.

Application building/testing/deployment tasks could be fully automated and so not require human intervention at all.

Hey Eduard,

Actually the users have different access roles on each server. Yet, such a feature would be nice to have, especially for server administrators. We're relatively new to Ensemble, after checking your article, it would be beneficial for our case.

Thank you!


Thank you! Very elegant. Will be implementing some of those.