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Can anyone  point me to an example of a DTL & Class method that can pull a base64 encoded PDF out of a MDMT02 message?

This is really asking for two things;

- how to make a DTL that extracts a specific subfield of an HL7 2.3 message into a message of its own,


- how to transform an base64 encoded document into its original binary form for writing to a file.

I'd also love to see an example of an HL7 2.n MDM^T02 ==> HL73.ITK2 non-coded CDA

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Has anyone implemented the NHS Care Connect profile in HealthShare and if so could you share the steps you took?

I am not looking to integrate it into the SDA model,  Just looking having the classes within HealthShare and then applying a DTL to convert to HL7 2.x

I was hoping i could just down load the profiles from git hub and import into Studio but it appears I need the XSD to do this, which are not available.






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I have searched through documentation, etc and see many mentions of using Ensemble / Health Connect along with the Java Gateway to interface with JMS Queues, but see no specific documentation on how to do this.

Does anyone have any information, or a concise example of using the Java Gateway to allow Ensemble / Health Connect to be able to place messages and retrieve messages from a JMS Queue?



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Newbie question. So bear with me please.

We have a requirement to extract or build a file off of our local db to feed to HealthShare.

The requirement is for us to create the extract and send it to HealthShare the SDA format.

My initial thought is why would you do that when the SDA is native to HS.  We could create a file in any format csv,tab etc let HS consume it, convert it to HL7 2.5.1 and then let HS do the work with the SDA.

However, the current direction is for us to query, get the data and map it to an xml file built off of the SDA.

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We have a program set up in the HealthShare Facility Registry. And we have some patients enrolled into this program. In the HealthShare Registry management, we set up following consent policy for this facility (we call it program), Default Block Except: Block data except for the groups specified below, unless overridden by patient. There is no program in the Selected Programs so the consent should be applied to everybody.

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I have a HL7 schema listed within Healthshare that is marked as 'Standard' however this doesn't appear to not a standard schema and more of a custom one created (there are very specific Z segments within it) that has somehow been marked as a standard. Is there a way to change it from a Standard to Custom? I realise that this cannot be completed within Healthshare but is there a way to change this within Studio?


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So we are still fairly new to the ensemble app and getting set up. I have 3 seperate  batch record file services that pull in files and send to 3 seperate processes. there is no real rules other than an when condition=1 use this said DTL and send to operation. all 3 of these routers use different DTL's as they are seperate files but all go to the same operation. for some reason i am seeing the files sit in the Process and say  Delivered. 2 of the three process after up to 10-15 mins of sitting and the third gets an error i am very unfamiliar with, so this post is two-fold. 


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Is it possible to make the cache terminal available over a mirrored vip address for a healthshare mirrored environment? So that connecting to a terminal for a mirrored environment will always connect to the Live Node?


I'm looking to write a Powershell script to run against the system and need to connect to the Live Node in a mirrored setup. Is this possible or am I going to have to log onto each node to establish which is Live.  Or does this even matter?

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I am designing the software architecture for an Ensemble/Healthshare production to be deployed on Amazon AWS EC2 servers (2 mirrored m4.large - 4 vCPUs / 16 GiB RAM running RedHat Linux  3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 and Healthshare for RHEL 64-bit 2016.2.1). It's a rather CPU-intensive production involving massive XSLT 2.0 transformations (massive both in terms of size and volume). I was wondering if anyone has experience configuring Ensemble productions on EC2 servers. My question or concern has to do with the following statement in the Ensemble documentation:

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I've written several custom classes to add additional search capabilities to the user / clinician search defined in HS.UI.Registry.User.Find. I've tested it out, and it looks and works how I'd like it to, but I've run into a snag when trying to implement it.

The documentation for registering custom user interface pages shows a table of about 50 configuration registry keys for UI pages, but it only lists:

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Reading through the installation guide I found a fairly stern warning in the robustness checklist not to use the inbuilt apache web server.

>Use a robust web server. Do not use the limited Apache server installed with
>Ensemble. It is provided as a convenience for use on development systems and
> is not a fully capable web server.

We only have a few users, the Interface team (3), an integration consultant(1) and an interface monitoring/development vendor.

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Hi there.

I was wondering if there was a supported way of editing the Title bar of the management portal so that at a glance it is clear as to what environment is being worked on. This would be in addition to the namespace and server name being displayed.

Ideally I would like to make it clear at a glance that a user is working within the Dev or Live environment.

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Hoping someone can help.

I had posted a similar question outside this group a while ago "Errors requesting data from local Ensemble FHIR Repository" but haven't had the chance to follow up on it since. It was suggested I re-post inside this group.

I'm trying to request data from my local FHIR repository using a simple JavaScript client and am getting the following CORS errors . ( It is a standalone client not inside HealthShare without CSP etc. on my localhost ).

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I am a beginner on intersystems technologies ! and i want implements Oauth2 for our projects ( Angular 2 + Caché REST  Backend). 

i read the article that the link  is below :

But : i need to create  all servers ( Auth and Resource ) on Caché and dont' to use google server.

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1. Scope and Objective:


Recently we supported a few NHS cases that required TIE (Trust Integration Engine) integration with the PKB service.   Hence this article is meant to be a 10-minute quick guide to describe a demo solution (simple configurations and end-2-end implementation steps) for Health Connect (Ensemble) Integration with PKB (Patient-Knows-Best) service.

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HealthShare HealthConnect and Information Exchange version 15.03 support import transformations from C-CDA 2.1 to SDA. You can find these transforms in your installation's csp/xslt/SDA3 directory. For general information about import transforms, see "CDA Documents and XSL Transforms in HealthShare" in Overview of Health Connect.

Among the enhancements to import functionality added in connection with C-CDA 2.1 support is the ability to preprocess your C-CDA input files prior to the transformation done for import.

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Hello everebody,

I'm begenning  with intersystems, and i woul like to customize  the screen patient Search psorposed by HealthShare,

i have to change the form   and delete some fields....

the name of the  standard page is 57772/csp/healthshare/hsaccess/HS.UI.PatientSearch.cls

if  someone can help me that's greet 


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