· Aug 31, 2017

Archive SDA from Post processor

How to Archive SDA from Post processor and save it in txt file at some location.

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Without more detail on your specific use case, I am going to assume you already have either a standard SDA3 Container Object or you have a typical SDA Container as a Stream

First create a new FileCharacterStream:

  1. Create a new %Stream.FileCharacter Object (i.e. set tFileStream = ##class(%Stream.FileCharacter).%New())
  2. Next set tFileStream.Filename = "<your file name/path>". Ensure Cache has the proper privileges to write to the supplied file path.

If you have a HS.SDA3.Container Object:

  1. Assuming your container object is named, "tSDA", run: set tStatus = tSDA.ToQuickXMLStream(.tFileStream)
  2. Next Run: do tFileStream.%Save()

If you have a SDA3 Stream:

  1. Assuming your stream is named, "tSDAStream", run: do tFileStream.CopyFromAndSave(tSDAStream)


Matt Spielman

Product Manager, HealthShare Information Exchange