· Aug 16, 2017

HealthShare and NHS Care Connect FHIR api



Has anyone implemented the NHS Care Connect profile in HealthShare and if so could you share the steps you took?

I am not looking to integrate it into the SDA model,  Just looking having the classes within HealthShare and then applying a DTL to convert to HL7 2.x

I was hoping i could just down load the profiles from git hub and import into Studio but it appears I need the XSD to do this, which are not available.




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I am a product manager at InterSystems looking at our HealthShare family of products. In particular though, given, that I live in the UK I look for features that could form part of our UK Edition of HealthShare. As part of this work I can happily share with you that it is absolutely our intention to support the Care Connect FHIR profiles. Whilst I can not currently give you firm plans and dates our intention at this point it to augment the standard DSTU2 FHIR based to & from SDA DTL's, with ones that also convert to & from CareConnect based FHIR resources. 

Associated with that we are likely going to need to extend our SDA model, although many of the extensions we have already looked at are already part of our SDA model. Once the information was in SDA then it would certainly be very easy for you to write a DTL to create a HL7 message. Once we have that our intention would then be to provide a higher level set of transformations from SDA in to & from Care Connect FHIR to support the Transfer of Care and other national initiatives. 

However, whilst this is our current intention this could be very easily be changed once our customers start giving us input on our proposed solutions. Therefore if you or anyone else feels like they have anything to contribute to this support do feel free to drop me a mail. I am sure you can get it from DC, but just in case it is
In the mean time I will do some preliminary work on how this could be supported and share that with Mark Massias.

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The main FHIR site has XSD's which you can import using studio. They may need a few tweaks on the way in but nothing major (if I remember correctly it doesn't like narrative)

From these you can build resources which confirm to Care Connect profiles. 

I'm not aware of any NHS guidance on FHIR Messaging except for Transfer of Care but I'd recommend this presentation on FHIR Messaging 

Simone Heckmann’s presentation