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· Oct 13, 2017

Release of Caché / Ensemble 2017.2.0 and HealthShare Health Connect v15.03 for 2017.2.0

InterSystems is pleased to announce the release of Caché, Ensemble, and HealthShare Health Connect v15.03

Some highlights for Caché and Ensemble are:

  • Parallel dejournaling to improve throughput of mirroring and journal restore
  • New iFind and iKnow features like co-occurrence search, performance improvements, and more
  • SQL enhancements in Query Auditing, optional ANSI SQL operator precedence, and Frozen Plan Evaluation, along with several query optimization improvements
  • Ensemble updates include DICOM enhancements, XML performance, and XSLT2 activities in BPL.
  • For complete technical details of the changes, review the Caché release notes and the Ensemble release notes
  • The version number for these kits is 2017.2.0.744.0

This release of HealthShare Health Connect is based on core technology release 2017.2.0 with the following HealthShare module:

  • Core: 15.03.3105
  • The version number for this kit is 2017.2.0HS.3105.0

Platform notes:

  • Dropped since 2017.1.1: HP OpenVMS 8.4 for Alpha, HP OpenVMS 8.4 for Itanium, VMS Software OpenVMS 8.4-1H1 for Itanium
  • Not yet approved for release: Oracle Solaris 10, 11 for SPARC-64 and Oracle Solaris 10, 11 for x86-64.  We do expect support for these to be announced soon in a maintenance release.
  • Full platform details, including specific point releases and patches, can be found in the Supported Platforms Document
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