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 This is my sample code

Class CUSTOM.Util.Script.Temp.MyTest Extends %Persistent

Property CreatedOn As %TimeStamp [ InitialExpression = {$ZDT($H,3,1)} ];

Property RPPI As %String;

Property Name As %String;

Property BirthDate As %Date;

Property ProgramName As %String;

Property CaseTouchedWhen As %DateTime;

Property ActiveStatus As %Boolean;

Property Status As %String [ InitialExpression = "Pending" ];

Index idxRPPI On RPPI;

ClassMethod LoadFromFile()
  Set pFileName="C:\mytest.tsv"
 Set pDelimiter= $C(9)
 Set rowType="RPPI varchar(50),Name varchar(516),BirthDate Date,ProgramName varchar(50),CaseTouchedWhen DateTime,ActiveStatus Boolean,"
 Do ##class(%SQL.Util.Procedures).CSVTOCLASS(2, .rowType, pFileName, pDelimiter,,1,,,,)

And I run following command:

do ##class(CUSTOM.Util.Script.Temp.MyTest).LoadFromFile()

but I got following error


Do you where is wrong in my code?


Can you provide me some sample code in ObjectScripts? Following sample code  is from the document, I don't really understand what is the purpose of the last three lines?

set rowtype = "StateFips VARCHAR(2),Zip_Code VARCHAR(5),State_Abbr VARCHAR(2),Name VARCHAR(200),Longitude_West Numeric(10,6),Latitude_North Numeric(10,6)"
set filename = "/Users/test/Documents/zip.csv"
set result = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%ExecDirect(,"call %SQL_Util.CSV(,?,?)",.rowtype,.filename)
set resultSet = result.%NextResult()
write resultSet.%Next()
write resultSet.StateFips


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